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Be Wary of Sameness

Wonderland is Waiting

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on this topic on the Wonderland Blog.  Read the article.  It really is restating what sooooo many people in design and branding have known for a long time.  By now, the title should be obvious to everyone.

But it isn’t.

Here’s an excerpt:

When we feel scared or uncertain, it’s natural to lurch toward the center of the crowd, lest we picked off by predators for standing out. It’s our reptilian minds at work – we come by these impulses instinctively.  And where a villian is looking for dinner, hiding in the crowd is a very useful tactic.

Thing is, we don’t face those kinds of villians much anymore.  The rules of survival have changed.  What once protected and even saved us, now threatens us.  It’s true in life, and it’s true in business…

On this issue, I think of Apple and the rush of imitations that are surging to market.  Apple has certainly shown the way to success: artful design matters.  And Steve Jobs has shown a discipline in designing complexity out and bringing in simple elegance as a replacement.  Not a bad model to imitate – Apple is one of the most successful brands in the world.  But imitating is not innovating.  And Apple’s success is heavily based on Innovation, and looking different, as well as being beautiful.

So what brands do you think are innovating and breaking from sameness?  And vice versa, what big players do you think haven’t, but should be getting the message that its time to be different?


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