Let me be clear:  I am an engineer first.  I was raised by an engineer, schooled as an engineer, and tend to think a lot like an engineer.  I absorbed my Dad’s passion for technology, and remain an enthusiast, believing that technology will likely save us from ourselves when the chips are down.


I love strategy.  And I DO strategy.

I love design.  And I DO design.

Although influences began much earlier, my strategy and design inspiration really started to roll at Frog Design in San Francisco.

From Frog, Jimmyjane was borne.

MIUZU has been a design adventure – the most challenging and interesting in my life so far.  I drove the design of, and in many cases actually designed myself, quite a few products, few of which ever saw the light of day:

In my efforts to breath new life into the future of the company, I began to look outside of traditional and cliche paths for MIUZU.  What consumer pain are we REALLY trying to address?  What pain am I familiar with in my own life?  What solutions would I love to see from the market?  What solutions make the most sense given what I’ve come to learn about people?

When you put yourself on the outside, you see things that are just not obvious from the inside…


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